Through some of the most respected insurance companies in the industry, we are able to offer a wide variety of products to help you meet your personal insurance protection needs.


Provides protection for your home and personal property if damaged, along with liability coverage to protect you if a guest is injured on your property.


Even though you don’t own the home or building that you rent, you are still at risk of loss to your personal property. A renter’s policy will provide protection for your property and will include liability coverage as well. If you rent to others, protection for your home or building is needed along with liability coverage as the property owner.


Condo owners can purchase coverage that will provide protection for the interior of their unit plus any personal property. This policy also provides liability protection. A review of the association by-laws and requirements for insurance is important.

Valuable Articles

There is limited protection in the homeowner’s policy for items such as jewelry, furs, and art collections. To protect valuables properly, we suggest purchasing a separate rider or floater policy.

Flood and Sinkhole

The homeowner policy does not include coverage for flood damage to your home; separate coverage can be purchased through the National Flood Program. The rules have changed recently for sinkhole coverage within the homeowner policy and may vary depending on the company. We suggest a review to determine if sinkhole coverage is included on your policy.

Boats and Yachts

There is limited protection within the homeowner policy for small boats. Protection for larger boats or yachts is not included, and separate coverage should be purchased. Watercraft policies provide protection for damages if you are found at fault in a boating accident. Coverage can also include protection for the cost to repair/replace your boat if damaged, along with medical expenses if you are injured.

Recreational Vehicles

Protection for Jet skis and ATV’s is not included in most homeowner policies. Separate coverage can be purchased to provide liability and physical damage for these items.

Golf Carts

There is limited protection in the homeowner policy for the use of a golf cart. Separate coverage can be purchased if the golf cart is driven on public roads to and from the golf course.



Disclaimer: Descriptions are for information purposes. Refer to the actual policy for more details.