Life Insurance

There are many products of life insurance on the market, and our team can help you determine the type that fits your needs and objectives.

IRA’s and Annuities

Planning for the future includes contributing current income to a savings plan designed to accumulate with interest for your retirement. In many cases contributions to an IRA can be tax deductible.

Through a partnership with Van Fleet Insurance we offer the following products to protect and grow your financial assets:

  • Long-Term Care
    Insurance that pays to care for you in your own home, in assisted living facilities, and nursing homes should be put in place before you need assistance.
  • Long Term Disability
    Replaces a portion of your income during an extended period (longer than 3 months) of a disabling illness or accident.
  • Group Health Insurance
    VanFleet Insurance offers a broad range of plans for your employees.



Disclaimer: Descriptions are for information purposes. Refer to the actual policy for more details.